Monday, September 17, 2007

9-17-07: Weekend in Mass.

I spent the weekend up in Massachusetts. Great time. Saturday was spent at my buddies’ place in Marlborough at a whiskey tasting party. It was interesting. We saw this guy get busted on the street right in front of the apartment, for allegedly throwing rocks at cars. He was taken down by four policemen. It was nuts. Other than that, it was a pretty normal night.

Sunday was a great day for baseball, and the game was fun. The Sox lost, but they fought hard at the end. No team really dominated the series, save for the Sox in game 2. They lost game 1 in heartbreaking fashion, and Schilling made one bad pitch to Jeter last night. So, it wasn’t a completely disheartening series. It was fun.

I made the trip down from Framingham this morning. No traffic, so it was great. I stayed over my grandfather’s house, which was nice. He’s doing fine. The highlight of my car ride home was a nice phone call from Joanna. A very pleasant surprise, one I always like to get. She’s back in port, which is nice. I feel bad that she has to spend so much on phone calls, though. It’s outrageous! I like calling her, so my plan is to give her more calls on Skype. Once she gets her apartment things will be way easier. Three months! I can’t wait to see Japan. I even got her a Matsuzaka shirt in Kanji. It’s pretty sweet.

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