Wednesday, September 19, 2007

9-19-07: Universal Healthcare

Hillary Clinton is at it again with her quest to universalize healthcare. Apparently, she's learned her lesson from her outright failure about 15 years ago. You simply can't overstep the insurance companies. They have a lot of money, and a lot of influence, so it's political suicide to go against them.

Now, she's trying to make it possible for every American to obtain health insurance, with the help of employers and government subsidies. I currently have health insurance through my employer, so I can't say I'd be against that approach. But where would the money come from with the government subsidies? Who'd pay for it? Taxpayers, of course.

The thing that always pisses me off is when people who support Democrats insist that Republicans are destroying our civil rights. Yet, so many Democrats insist on programs like this that mandate health insurance and pass on new taxes. Aren't there people who don't want health insurance, such as for religious purposes? Should they be forced to pay? Don't they have the right to choose? Health care is grossly expensive, and having a one-payer system like the government would be a disaster. It's socialized medicine. Besides, it's not working in Canada or Europe, so why should we expect it to work in the greatest free market economy in the world? Look at Cuba!

I like what Giuliani has planned a lot better. He wants to enable more people to afford health care on their own with tax breaks. No government controlled system. It's almost INSANE that people expect such a greatly important service like healthcare to be entirely successful with controlling healthcare, when they can't even manage proper spending on our own infrastructure? We're not all living in Fantasyland, are we? Where would all these new doctors and nurses come from?

The bottom line is that people like Hillary Clinton draw on our emotions and hope we ignore the glaringly obvious facts that such a drastic change would cost us way too much. Oh by the way, it's an election year. Where have you been the past three years, Hillary?

I think we should let the Massachusetts experiment play itself out before we make any crazy changes to the country's plan.

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