Friday, September 14, 2007

9-14-07: Funny Coincidence

I found out something pretty interesting today about the building in which I work. A couple weeks ago I was transferred over to our other building to work on the big new project. It's a nice building, and it's a little shorter commute each day.

Another company shares the building with us, though our part is pretty much a separate building. That other company is Nuance, a division of Dictaphone and "The Leading Supplier of Speech Recognition Software."

Here's where the funny coincidence comes in: I work in flight controls engineering, which is the career I chose because I find it interesting. The other area I was thinking of going was Digital Signal Processing. Last year I did my senior project on… speech recognition. So, there is the slightest chance that I could have chosen to go into that field and still be working in the same building. Slim chance, but still… creepy.

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