Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9-24-08: Being Catholic Now

I heard an interesting podcast last week that discussed being Catholic in today's society. It featured Kerry Kennedy, one of Bobby Kennedy's daughters, who recently wrote a book on the subject.

When I began listening to the podcast and learned that Kerry Kennedy was the featured guest, I cringed at the cliche that they'd put a Kennedy on the air to explain the general feeling about being Catholic. But, after listening to some of her points, I found them to be pretty interesting.

As a young Catholic, I agree with most of her points. I feel that the reason the Church has had difficulties (outside of the immensely disgusting sexual abuse scandals) in recent years is that it has become too politically involved in areas that young people just don't care all that much about any more. Take, for instance, abortion. A lot of people my age don't see anything wrong with it. Personally, I don't feel it's my business to tell some one outright "You just can't do that" without knowing their story a little more. The Church is getting too stuck in its ways and has lost focus a bit.

I still consider myself Catholic, though, and don't plan on converting or leaving the Church out of spite. I think its core values are very strong, and my lifestyle is centered around the good principles I learned growing up in a Catholic family. I just think those things just need to be strengthened in a child if he or she is to grow up and help the world. Making them militant isn't going to help anything.

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