Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5-20-08: Euro 2008

I'm really excited about the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship coming up in a couple of weeks. I've been following soccer pretty regularly, mostly the English Premier League, for a solid year now. I watched a lot of the World Cup two summers ago, which sparked my interest in a sport I played a lot when I was younger.

I think what makes this particular tournament interesting, though not nearly a World Cup, is that I now recognize a lot of the names of players from the teams that qualified. It'd be a lot easier if England had made it, but… that's how it goes. The games will pretty much be on (almost) every day between June 7th and June 29th at either 12:00N or 2:45PM (Eastern). ESPN/ABC is covering all of the games. Some will be on ESPN2, others on ESPN Classic. The final on June 29th will be on ABC.

If you're even the least bit interested in the sport (e.g. you watched some of the World Cup), I strongly encourage you to watch some of the games. Here are the ones I have marked on my calendar:

Sunday, June 8th: Germany vs. Poland @ 2:45PM ET on ESPN2
Tuesday, June 17th: France vs. Italy @ 2:45PM ET on ESPN (World Cup Final rematch)
Sunday, June 29th: Final @ 2:45PM on ABC

You can find the schedule for all games here.

Should be a blast.

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