Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5-13-08: Ballot Bowl 2008

My soon-to-be famous bike-riding buddy Scotty and I were talking the other day at lunch about how sick we were of Ballot Bowl 2008 (a.k.a. CNN's coverage of the current election).

There are a few key reasons why this particular election has gotten really old:

1) It started way too early. How long has it been, 18 months? Two babies could have been born in that timeframe. And the Democrats don't even have a candidate yet. I remember all the excitement leading up to Iowa, then New Hampshire, then Super Tuesday. And that was in February. It seemed like it had lasted forever then.

2) Everything is over-hyped. Even hype itself is now over-hyped. Even the previous sentence, the best one ever, is over-hyped. Today was the West Virginia primary. Now, I know people from West Virginia, and they're great people, but I really wasn't chomping at the bit to see their returns. I figured it would be a Clinton victory, but that didn't stop the media from making it out to be the most important political event since the Magna Carta. Please, people, keep things in context.

3) Too many obsolete sports analogies. Ballot Bowl? Come on. The Super Bowl was months ago (fortunately). College bowl games ended 4.5 months ago. Why stick with the "bowl" theme? What are you going to say next, that Hillary is "fourth and long with seconds left on the clock"? Does Obama have a good defensive line? How's his running back? It's a bit ridiculous. While we're at it, why not go with a baseball theme? Shit, it could be sponsored by MLB. You could call it the World Series of Politics. It would be right after the World Series of Poker in the dictionary. At the very least, it might get some free advertisement that way; sort of like people dialing a wrong number.

It's scary when I admit that I'm almost looking forward to seeing another debate featuring John McCain. Yikes.

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