Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5-14-08: The Florida and Michigan Debate

I was going to make a post about government response times during natural disasters, but I saw an interesting video today about the whole Michigan and Florida Democratic Convention debacle. I forget the name of the program, but the host basically goes through some of the facts behind the story about how Florida and Michigan have been denied representation at the upcoming Democratic National Convention because they violated DNC rules (agreed to by all Democratic Presidential candidates well in advance) and moved up their primaries.

The interesting part of the video is when Chuck Schumer (a Clinton supporter) takes a shot at Obama by saying (something like): "Candidates take advantage of the situation that benefits them," and shrugs off any notion that any wrong-doing was done. I'm not saying Clinton cheated, but isn't his point a bit odd in this case? One could also make the argument that Clinton might be taking advantage of the fact that she had been given favorable results in the two states (well, Obama wasn't even on the Michigan ballot, and neither candidate campaigned in Florida). Obama can easily take the higher ground and say "I'm just keeping my promise that I would follow the agreed-upon DNC rules" (which Clinton also agreed to).

Why is she changing her mind? Of course, she'll say it's because she believes in the power of democracy, and that people deserve a chance to be heard. But... she's also saying she doesn't feel like playing by the rules. She's a rule-changing supporter. Do you want that sort of policy being administered by your next President? Come on, Democrats, you can't be serious. I know Hillary is a smart and powerful woman, and has done a lot in her career. You'd hope she'd be above this sort of thing. Though I don't support his policies, I'm going to side with Obama on this particular issue. Rules are rules, Hill-Dawg. You can't fairly call President Bush a Constitution-bashing totalitarian if you can't even follow your own party's rules.

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