Tuesday, January 8, 2008

1-8-08: New Hampshire Primary

Today is a huge day for New Hampshire. Having lived there for 10 years growing up, I was always amazed at just how excited the entire state gets during primary season. It's very ordinary for some one to meet a candidate multiple times, without trying! It's an amazing process that takes the whole state by storm for close to a year.

No matter who wins, it's not the end for the top candidates. There are plenty of primaries to go before the summer conventions, but it is the first. Seeing McCain win again is interesting. Not sure if I'll vote for him next month, but we'll see. No bets are off right now, but right now he's not my guy.

The thing that so many people from outside the Granite State don't see is how heavily influenced the state's economy is during primary season. Hotels are booked, restaurants are booming, the tourism is enormous, and the state toll roads are packed. It's a great time for New Hampshire when the candidates come around. There's a state law that it has to be first. I think it's interesting. I don't like it when people call it sad. That's unfair to the good people of the state. People I grew up with. My girlfriend's from there, so it has to be a great state.

So tomorrow, after all is said and done, people will pack up and wait for another four years for the next round. It might not be quite the same, since this year there wasn't an incumbent running, but it's a fun time. I strongly recommend partaking in some of it if you can.

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