Friday, January 25, 2008

1-25-08: Good Advertising

Every once in a while I'll hear or see a really good advertisement. Tonight I heard a great one on the radio for Cumberland Farms. It involved two guys reading from a list of peculiar names, like they were checking them. One guy would read off names, the other would check, but the names were Petunia or Bessy or names like that. The list-checker guy would always reply with a no. Then, a woman comes on and says "Yep, we here at Cumberland Farms are proud to say that none of the cows used to produce our dairy and other products were on the Mitchell Report."

My first thought was that it was odd, but then I immediately thought: "Brilliant!" Just look at it this way: who buys stuff at Cumberland Farms? It's usually families. Let's say, for argument's sake, it's usually moms with sports-loving husbands. The moms may not know about the Mitchell Report, so they might hear the ad on the radio and have no idea what it's referring to. But then, later on, they approach their husbands. Here's one possible scenario:

Wife: "Honey, I heard something interesting on the radio. Do you know what the Mitchell Report is?"
Husband: "The Mitchell Report? Wow, were you listening to talk radio or something? That's a baseball issue. Some ex-Senator did an investigation into steroids and compiled a report. Fucking Roger Clemens was named! What an asshole. I hate Clemens. What station were you listening to?"
Wife: "Oh just a station I listen to sometimes. It was a Cumberland Farms commercial."
Husband: "Cumberland Farms?! No shit. I love Cumberland Farms! Geez, when was the last time we went there? I love their fuckin' cookies. Geez, they're good. We should go there some time to buy cookies and talk baseball!"
Wife: "Sure thing. Let's go tomorrow!"


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