Sunday, January 27, 2008

1-27-08: The Obama Win

I'm not a registered Democrat, and I don't really care who wins the nomination, but I have to say that I am intrigued by the star power of Barack Obama.

His win in South Carolina was quite impressive, I have to say. Despite all the back-and-forth bullshit between him and Hillary Clinton (and John Edwards' brilliant "Do you see all this pointless bickering?" stance), Barack came out on top in a key primary. This isn't going to guarantee him a win in any of the many primaries on Super Tuesday, which is just days away, but it's not going to hurt him much.

I was listening to a podcast the other day that discussed the role of Bill Clinton in Hillary's campaign. Just to point out, I see no reason for Bill not to campaign for his wife, but when Hillary says "We all have dedicated spouses helping us in this race," she's a bit off. Granted, I'm sure Michelle Obama is a great help for Barack, but she's not a former President. Bill probably has a bit bigger pull than Michelle.

Anyway, there was an incredibly annoying guy named Lanny Davis on the podcast. Lanny served as Bill Clinton's Special Counsel while he was President, and Davis continues to help the Clintons to this day. Well, on this podcast, all I can say is that whatever good he was trying to do, he probably threw a couple fence-sitters off his side. To me, at least, he came off as arrogant, abrasive, somewhat rude, and just plain stubborn and "lawyer-like." He picked apart everything, even some things Tom Ashbrook asked him! Ashbrook is a very smart man, and does a great job staying neutral in his show, but Davis was obviously getting on his nerves. For almost two solid minutes, Ashbrook tried to give Davis time to speak, but Davis would start off (I think three or four times) saying "I'd just like to be given time to respond." It just went back and forth! It was frustrating even to the unbiased listener! I would bet anything that Lanny Davis was the guy who suggested to Bill Clinton during his impeachment hearings to ask the famous question: "That would depend on what you mean by the word 'is.' " This guy was just outrageous.

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