Friday, January 18, 2008

1-18-08: So Cal for the Weekend

I'm in San Diego for the weekend visiting my girlfriend. I have to say, the weather has been good so far. It's fair, and not bitter cold like back home.

But the trip here wasn't exactly stress-free. I flew out of Bradley International Airport in Hartford (I think they fly to Canada). The drive up there was easy, fortunately, and getting to the gate was very nice. But... then the stress set in. I was concerned over my layover in Cincinnati, which was a mere 48 minutes. So, when I saw that my flight to Cincinnati was delayed by 70 minutes, I knew I was in for an interesting trip. I went up to the desk to ask about the connection, and was told the next flight (with available seats) would probably be the next evening, or this evening. BUT they'd get me a hotel room, which I guess is fine. I wasn't exactly thrilled about staying a night in Cincinnati over San Diego, but it's better than nothing.

The flight to Cincinnati left as quickly as possible despite the delay. Apparently there had been some mechanical issues or something, maybe an icing problem on the wings. Nothing to worry about, I suppose. I sat next to a guy a few years younger than my father, and we struck up a good conversation. After about 30 minutes, I found out we were both graduates of WPI, so we started talking about how crazy things were back when he went there, and it was genuinely nice conversation. He also was making the connection to San Diego, and told me that he had spoken with a bunch of other people who were in the same situation.

Before we landed in Cincinnati, the flight attendant gave us the great news: she had heard "on the back end" that they were holding the plane to San Diego. So, once we disembarked, it was a bee-line for the plane. Shorted lay-over I'll ever make, I'll tell you that much. It couldn't have been more than 3 minutes! But the flight was nice. I sat next to an older French gentleman (at least he was reading a French magazine), and we had an open seat in the middle. I ended up landing in San Diego only 30 minutes later than expected. All in all, I am very satisfied with my trip. Thanks, Delta! Ha. I hope that ends up on their website.

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scycle said...

boo, who needs nice weather? I'm worried about the same thing on my flight to Cal, with the unpredictable N.E. weather and all. safe travels.