Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1-1-08: Primary Season Revs Up

Well, it's finally here: Primary Season. Oh, it's been here, but not officially. With the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primary coming up within a week, it's time for voters to really make up their minds. Most haven't, which is OK, but the time is fast approaching. I'd hope people would put more into their decisions than last minute pushes by the candidates.

I had a thought while on the treadmill regarding the Republican nomination. It's a close race right now, but I think Romney will likely get my vote. It's between him and Ron Paul. I was supporting Fred Thompson for a while, but I'm no longer sure about him. I like Mike Huckabee, but I don't think his Fair Tax is for me. I think Romney's a bit better with his stances. And poor Alan Keyes. I agree with most of what he has to say, but I haven't heard ANYTHING about his campaign. That's just too bad, I think, because he might not even be around for the Connecticut Primary. I hope he is, because he might get my vote.

Anyway, back to my thought: wouldn't it be interesting to have Mitt Romney running with Ron Paul as his Vice President? If you think about it, it'd be quite a powerful combination. Romney has more experience in an executive position than Paul, and Paul is an experienced legislator. Wouldn't it make sense to have them in the positions in which they have experience? No, Paul wouldn't be able to get all of the stuff done that he wants, but I think he'd be in a BETTER position as President of the Senate to help monitor Congress. He'd be a powerful man in a place where he could really effect change.

I got the thought in part from a race I was in for President of my Fraternity in college. I wasn't sure if I really wanted the position, but I had wanted Vice President for well over a year at that point. So, when the time came, I was elected Vice President and my chief opponent, who went on to do a fantastic job and was eventually elected President of the Inter-Fraternity Council, was elected President. It was a great move put on by the older members of the Fraternity. I was in Thailand on project at the time, but realized that it was the right move for the greater good. What is most important is to put the right people in the right places, not the most popular people in the most powerful places. If it worked out for my Fraternity (shameless self-promotion: we won the Chapter of the Year award among all chapters nationwide), it might just work for our country.

Of course, Mike Huckabee also has a good amount of executive experience, but like I said before, that whole Fair Tax issue just doesn't feel right. Sure, it's been researched over and over again by economists, but would it make it through the Senate? Well... maybe it would... if Ron Paul were there!

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