Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5-27-09: Vintage Baseball... in Bridgeport?

Immediately after making yesterday's post about the Connecticut League, I clicked on the link in the Wikipedia article for the Bridgeport Orators. Since I live near Bridgeport, I figured it would be interesting to learn about their history.

I learned two quite significant facts:

1. There is a house on Pembroke Street in Downtown Bridgeport. It's an old house, that has long been abandoned. It sits in the middle of nothing, in a plot of land that has been part of a years-long, debated development project called Steel Point, which is supposed to help revive the city. The house has no real place there in the large, empty lot. I knew it had once belonged to a famous baseball player from Bridgeport, but hadn't really known who. Well, I found out last night that it had belonged to James "The Orator" O'Rourke, who happens to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He'd also played in Bridgeport, as well.

2. There is a vintage baseball team that plays in Bridgeport called the Bridgeport Orators, which started up in 2007. They play at Seaside Park. They play in the same league that the team Conan O'Brien famously visited. It's old time baseball, and it looks fascinating. I'm seriously considering going to see a game. They even have a blog! Marvelous.

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