Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5-19-09: Mint.com

For a short while I was using Mint.com to track my finances (mostly spending), and found the service to be quite excellent. Their Flash enabled, interactive tools are very appealing and easy to use. Their budgeting features are also quite nice.

The sole reason why I've all but stopped using the service is that, for whatever reason, I can't seem to keep my ING Direct account synched up with Mint. Right now it's not working at all, and I don't want to spend 10 minutes every time I log in to Mint to re-enter security question answers from ING Direct. It might be ING Direct's site, as well, since it doesn't seem like it remembers the answers I enter. If they do fix this particular interface, or if I realize I've been doing something wrong, I do plan on using Mint more often.

It's just nice to have a single source that shows all of your spending and income. It looks safe enough, though I do understand where people are concerned. It's very clever, and convenient. It's just the problem with the one interface with ING Direct that's the sticking point with me, and I'm not sure if the problem is even on Mint's side, which isn't promising.

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