Monday, May 11, 2009

5-11-09: Hockey Monday: Big Game 5 Win; Trip to Mount Greylock

I was on my way back from Mount Greylock last night and missed most of the Bruins win over the Hurricanes. Fortunately, I have DVR, and was able to watch some of the replay (though only the first period thus far). Hopefully I'll catch the rest before Game 6, but unlikely.

It would be very nice to see the Bruins come back from a 3-1 deficit, since it's something the franchise has never done. But they said the same thing back in 2004 with the Red Sox (I bet you haven't heard that cliche yet!). We'll see. All I want to see tomorrow night is a good effort.

Regarding yesterday: very nice. Myself, the lady friend, and two skateboarding friends made the trek up to Mount Greylock in northwestern Massachusetts. The drive took only a couple hours, and was mostly quite scenic. I haven't been to the Berkshires in God knows how long, and it's nice to see the lovely town of Stockbridge again after listening to "Alice's Restaurant" as many times as I have.

The lady and I went hiking whilst our two skateboarding companions took the paved route. They walked up, and skateboarded down. It looked rather difficult, but the road is very new, so the conditions themselves were favorable. However, it's quite narrow, and the grade can become steep at times. But they managed to do rather well, with no major injuries suffered. The hike proved to be difficult as well, mostly because we were hampered by a barrage of downed trees in our way. It made for a tedious, but still quite enjoyable, journey. I may be a bit sore, but none the worse for wear. A very nice trip indeed.

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