Sunday, May 17, 2009

5-17-09: Met the Parents (and more)

An interesting weekend. I spent most of it up in Sterling, MA at the lady friend's parents' house. It was my first visit, and it went pretty well. I got to meet (for the first time): her mother, brother, grandmother, grandfather, and two friends. Nothing too outrageous, but in a couple weeks I'll be meeting more of her friends and family at her cousin's graduation party. Should be interesting.

The highlights of the trip (besides meeting her parents, who were exceedingly nice and have great senses of humor) were eating at O'Connor's, a nice Irish pub in Worcester, MA. I had the "Lt. Governor Murray's" Beef, Mushroom & Guinness Pie, which was delicious (and reheated quite well a day after). The funny part of the menu is the "Little People" section, with some interesting items.

The other highlight was definitely the two trips to Rota Spring Farm for ice cream. Fantastic stuff. I tried the Java Lava, but wasn't able to taste the Mud Pie, which looked quite good. If you're ever in the Sterling (or Worcester) area, stop by Rota's.

Overall, a very nice trip.

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