Saturday, March 14, 2009

3-14-09: Into the West

(Happy Pi Day)

I had a St. Patrick's Day party at my place last night, which was absolutely wonderful (for me at the very least). About 20 people showed up, but the place wasn't uncomfortably crowded, so it was quite nice. Having my close friends come to celebrate your saint's day is a special occasion, and I owe them my unending thanks.

I wanted to keep things semi-authentic, so I played a couple Irish-themed movies. The first, Into the West, was recommended by my Irish friend Mick. The second was the popular American-made film The Boondock Saints. Both were enjoyed by all.

It's a 1993 Irish classic about two gypsy children and a horse. It's not quite a children's movie from the American standpoint, which makes it really interesting. There are strong hints at alcoholism, and it's far from squeaky clean. It has great acting, a great cast, and you finish watching the movie feeling good about life.

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