Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3-10-09: Preliminary Party Preparation

I just got out of a midterm for my Intellectual Property Law course. Wasn't too bad, though he did sort of trick us by having a couple questions that literally have two answers (e.g. choice E was "B Only"), and he threw on three questions from a Bar exam, but otherwise it wasn't too bad. It was open notes.

Earlier today I did some cleanup for my party this Friday (a pre-St. Patrick's Day celebration). I'd started moving stuff around on Saturday, which went well. Today was equally quite productive; most of the stuff is squared away.

The only frustrating event during this afternoon's setup occurred in my upstairs room, which I'm planning on using as a game/music room, but on Friday it shall simply be the "Foosball Arena." I have the foosball table all set up in the middle of the room, with the center directly beneath the light for the players. I think of this shit! Anyway, I was given an old receiver, CD player, and two speakers by my parents, who are moving down south this month. The receiver is probably 15 years old by now. I wanted to test the sound of the room by lying the speakers on their backs so they're facing straight up, in order to bounce the sound off the slanted ceiling. It worked beautifully, but the left speaker had some issues. So I knelt down and investigated.

It turned out the speaker wire going in was quite frayed. Stupidly, I tried to fix the problem, and ended up shorting out the wires. Oops. The receiver, in its dying breath, flashed "PROTECT". I immediately unplugged everything and detach the speaker wires. Too late. The receiver would not turn back on; it even gave a nice little flash and emitted the tell-tale smell of burnt components. I was a little upset, but not too worried, because I have a trusty backup.

The original plan for the upstairs room was to use my Logitech computer speakers, which are pretty decent, and subwoofer. Upon receipt of the old receiver and CD player (with only an RCA Line Out), I went with that option. The CD player and speakers are still good, but the poor old receiver has suffered an aforementioned untimely demise. My only issue now is that I need to buy a "Y Cable" with a female end in order to plug in the preamp, which only has an 1/8" headphone male plug as the input. No big deal, though, as Radioshack has one for $10. I am saved! It turns out that I have about six or seven "Y Cables" with male ends, and I have no idea why. I must have accumulated them during my high school hardcore audiophile days. I'm part-time audiophile now (I hope you know what the phrase means - it's not a creepy thing; if not, click here).

So, the music setup for Friday is: Macbook connected to the AIWA receiver and speakers downstairs, with the old CD player attached to my Logitech speakers upstairs (playing more easygoing tunes for the more laid back crowd). I think of this shit!

Festivities start at 8:00PM.

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