Saturday, August 30, 2008

8-30-08: Vacation

I was on vacation in Cape Cod the past couple of days; just got back tonight. My grandparents have a place in West Hyannisport that I've gone to every summer since my early childhood. Always good to go back, though sadly this time will be the last as they sold the place. Oh well. It was fun.

You never really notice that you're getting a sunburn until it's far too late. I found that out, yet again, yesterday. I remembered to put sunscreen on my upper body, but neglected to remember my legs. My shins and knees are a light red; not too bad all in all. I regard sunburns as trophies in an odd way. Not really, but there has to be some positive you can take from them.

I also noticed that I actually like going to the beach, which is the complete opposite of how I felt when I was much younger. The beach when you're a kid is boring once you're done swimming and making sand castles. I noticed that a lot of kids were also bored at the beach. I wanted to go up to them and say "Hey, it gets better when you're older," but then I figured that since no one told me that, it's probably better if they learned on their own. I think experiencing 40 hour work weeks will do them some good in that department.

I'm heading up to Framingham, MA tomorrow to pick up some clothes and other items that used to belong to my late grandfather. Not exactly a fun trip, but it's a necessary one I suppose.

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