Sunday, February 10, 2008

2-10-08: Elections and Olympics

I've noticed something funny about the similarities between the Olympic games and Presidential elections. Some are quite obvious, but a few things I find pretty fascinating.

1. They come around every four years.
2. There's a tremendous amount of organization involved, along with accusations of corruption from time to time.
3. Only a few events are seen as truly significant. Most go relatively unnoticed.
4. Most of the time the front-runners ended up winning.
5. The people in good shape tend to be seen more often.
6. Sports announcers and newscasters say basically the same things, only using different words.
7. Most information about a participant is found out secondhand.
8. There's a lot of lead-in to it.
9. Everybody has a sponsor corporation.
10. You never see all the big names on the same stage all at once.

Those are just a few. I couldn't think of any good team sports analogies. More to come later.

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