Sunday, July 8, 2007

7-8-07: Global Warming

It's almost become a religion, only there's no real God, just an idea. The global warming debate has sparked so much discussion, and apparently more environmental concerts, that it has become virtually a black-and-white issue.

The scary thing is that so much has gone into the debate, but there isn't enough good science to back up either side. I'm reading a book called Unstoppable Global Warming, which is about how the Earth goes through a climate cycle every 1,500 years, and, believe it or not, we're living through a warming period. There's even scientific evidence to prove it, but people don't want to listen to that. They want to believe that humans are the root cause. Humans are the end all, be all of the damage done to the earth, so they have to be the cause of global warming.

To say that global warming exists is not a lie. I'm sure it does. But, saying that it exists AND then assuming that it's a new thing AND then assuming humans are causing it, is simply going too far with too little science to back it up. The real issue is this: how do you prove it exists. Why, you take core temperature readings and correlate it to human CO2 production. OK, that's a method. But, what about the effect of sun spots? There's a meteorologist in England who has accurately (relatively speaking) predicted climate cycles for the past 15 or so years using sun spots. To learn more, please see "The Great Global Warming Swindle" on Youtube or Google Video. It is a bit biased, but there's plenty of science in it.

Politics get in the way of every great environmental debate, or any debate in general. Some people say "Socialists and anarchists are behind all this man-made global warming bullshit." Some say "Al Gore is using this as a rouse to get in office." I don't quite agree with either, because it would be just too easy to say they were true. I'd rather have a challenge. Sure, Al Gore could have mentioned all this before the recent election campaign began (he apparently has been doing the presentation for many years; why make a movie now, hasn't this been going on for years?), but that pales in comparison to the lack of good science behind it.

Wow, I just heard a HUGE car accident through the woods. Sounded bad.

[5 minutes later] Police are on the scene. It sounded like two loud bangs, with definite screeching tires beforehand. It doesn't sound good; the car horn has been going off for several minutes. Now there's a fire truck, and what sounds like an ambulance.

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