Saturday, July 7, 2007


You'd think with "lucky 7's" day (the luckiest day in the past century), my luck would be a bit better, but so far it's been a little spotty. I am referring to my visit to the blood drive at the Easton Community Center this morning. Overall, it wasn't too bad, but it took FOREVER. I got there at 9:45AM, left at about 11:15AM. First, it was the questionnaire, which took a while because of my travels. Then, I waited on the bed for 20+ minutes because the older gentleman next to me was having all sorts of problems with bruising and whatnot. Then, of course, it took about 20 minutes for my blood-bag to fill up (slow flow).

But it was a nice experience. I haven't been able to donate for a while, so it feels good to give. I've never donated in Connecticut, so I'll be getting another Red Cross card. Apparently in December there's a great blood drive down the street at our church, with great free soup. I can't wait.

I wish more people donated blood, but after all the screening, and after realizing that I haven't donated in almost two years myself (been rejected once since), it's a shock at how many people actually do donate. Gay men can't because of the HIV risk. If you're on serious medication, you can't. Low iron. Hepatitis. All sorts of stuff. I'm not saying they should lower their standards, it's just that it's not like any one can just walk off the street and donate. It's just how the system works.

Tottenham won 3-1 in their first pre-season match against Stevenage. Hooray!

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