Saturday, December 6, 2008

12-6-08: The Apartment Search Resumes

A bit of a SNAFU this week with my new apartment. My would-be roommate gave me a call Thursday morning, in a near panic, to tell me that his landlord was not going to renew his lease for 2009. I was to move in to the place in a couple weeks. Nice spot in Milford not far from downtown and the beach.

To be honest, I'm not all that upset. Sure, it's short notice, but it could have been way worse (I could have moved in and found out last minute). It's not that my would-be roommate is a bad guy; I'm just not all that surprised. He's being really cool about it; I got my first month's rent and deposit back. In cash. Picked it up at his restaurant last night. I felt like a drug dealer. But fortunately Bank of America has a great cash deposit feature in their ATMs. So damn cool to put a bunch of 20's in an ATM and see it just work. What will they think of next? I might also be getting some of the would-be roommate's furniture, which would be cool but I doubt I'll need it. He's moving back home (he's also from the area) and won't be needing it.

So I'm moving quickly to find another place to live for 2009. I'm looking at place in Derby. One bedroom, 950 square feet, decent rent. Better yet: it's not far from where my buddy Dan lives and it's only a 15 minute drive to the lady friend's place. When I mentioned the prospect of me moving to Derby instead of Milford, she was pleased. Not sure why; I'm kind of a jerk! Ha, well probably. I'd been looking at 1BR spots for a while, and have decided that would be my preference over having a roommate.

And best of all: I can get NESN! Milford, for whatever reason, doesn't get NESN despite it being in New Haven County. Derby, also in New Haven County, gets Comcast, which has NESN. Milford has Cablevision, which sucks. Definitely looking forward to being able to watch the Bruins and Sox again.

Things are looking up. Hopefully the place is as good as the Craigslist posting makes it out to be. I'll post an update after seeing it today.

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