Saturday, December 13, 2008

12-13-08: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Last night I went up to Manchester, CT (about an hour's drive) with my buddy Dan to see The Day the Earth Stood Still on IMAX. I was a bit skeptical going in to the theatre because of the really shaky reviews, but was looking forward to the IMAX experience.

After walking out of the theatre, I could see where the critics were coming from. For a 92 minute film, it did a remarkable job at feeling even shorter than it was. It started off pretty well, with a lot of promise. But the climax was predictable and the build up to it was nearly nonexistent. I don't think it was necessarily an awful movie, but that might just be because I saw it in IMAX and the effects were cooler in that setting. That might be it. Otherwise, I'd have been asking for my $10 back (well, $15 for IMAX).

The male lead is Keanu Reeves, who does a decent job. Jennifer Connelly plays the female lead, and did as well as she could with the script she had. John Cleese makes a very brief appearance, and I would've hoped he could have had a bigger role. But other than those three, none of the other characters were at all compelling. They did little to no development. I guess there was a guy who was friends with Connelly's character, but that never went anywhere and was just left completely in the air.

It was, nonetheless, quite entertaining. I thought the effects were well done. But still, it wasn't anything spectacular. It didn't present anything new to the genre, and didn't really excel at any one thing. Overall, I'm a bit disappointed. I haven't seen the original, but may rent it in the near future to see just how much better it is.

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