Friday, December 12, 2008

12-12-08: Old Lady Titanic Joke; "Guys Night Out"

A couple goofy things today. One involves a funny encounter with the elderly; the other is just an observation from recent conversations.

I was in the post office about an hour or so ago, waiting in line to get a form to change my address. As the line began to move forward as some one went up to the counter to be helped, an old woman, probably in her mid to late 70's, stops the guy in front of me, and myself, and asks us: "Did you hear about the Titanic?"

The guy in front of me, probably in his late 20's and definitely not the type to relate to old people humor, just stares at her, then replies "No."

Old woman: "Well apparently they found a way to get it up."

I waited for the punchline as the guy in front of me just stared...

Old woman: "Yep, five tons of Viagra."

The guy in front of me didn't get it, or didn't care. The woman just smiled, looked at me laughing, and said "I don't think he gets it." She laughed and walked out. Mind you: she looked like a harmless old lady. One of the funniest things I've seen or heard in quite a while.

The other topic involves the concept of "Guys Night Out."

Tonight I'm heading up to Manchester, CT with my buddy Dan to see The Day the Earth Stood Still on IMAX. Reviews don't look good, but it'll still be neat to see it in IMAX. Dan's girlfriend, a Yale PhD candidate, has a final exam tomorrow morning and can't go. My lady friend is in Manhattan all day today visiting a friend in port with the Coast Guard. So, Dan and I are heading up. Should be fun.

But, for whatever reason, Dan at one point in the conversation said: "Yeah it'd be nice to have a guys night out."

Fast forward three or four hours. After work yesterday I met up with a group of co-workers at a nice place called V Ristorante in Shelton for happy hour. After a couple beers, two of the guys talk about maybe going into Manhattan this weekend... for a Guys Night Out. Mind you: the two guys having this conversation both are involved in very stable and seemingly long-term relationships, but neither are married.

What gives? Is it just me, or does it sound a bit odd when unmarried guys with girlfriends call hanging out with male friends "Guys Night Out"? It's a harmless term, but I am a bit puzzled.

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