Sunday, December 21, 2008

12-21-08: FOLLOW-UP: Making My Own DVR: Why It's Not Such a Great Idea

In addition to not having to pay the cable company money every month to rent a DVR, which is now looking like the only real option if I wanted to record broadcast content straight from the cable box (other than the old-fashioned VCR), I wanted a pet project. I wanted to see if I could do it. But then I realized that it's just not worth it, which is a bit frustrating, but it's definitely better to find out sooner than later.

So, I began to think of all the free stuff I could get online. Whether it's,, or the various free sites like, there are plenty of ways to watch TV online. Most of the shows I watch are on those sites anyway, but there were a few shows on the History Channel that I like (Cities of the Underworld and The Universe), but I'm sure I can find those online (or just man up and buy them on iTunes). My major concern, though was being able to record Boston Bruins games. Then I found out, after doing very little research, that there are even ways to watch those games for free, or very cheaply, online. Who knew?!

A related topic is whether or not I want to get XM Radio. I'm moving to a new apartment in a couple weeks and was considering the move to XM. I also plan on signing up for the $9 two-movies-at-a-time Netflix plan.

XM offers "XM Everything," which is over 170 channels of pretty much everything I'd want, including baseball and hockey games, for $12.95 a month. That seems to be a pretty decent deal. I do occassionally listen to online radio, usually Pandora, but for $12.95 a month, it might just be worth switching to XM, especially if I can listen to it at home and at the office. The guy next to me uses XM at the office with great success. I might give it a try, but am not sure yet.

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