Monday, October 6, 2008

10-6-08: Returning from Vacation

I had the familiar, and not pleasant, experience of going back to work after a few days away from the office. I was up at my alma mater last Thursday helping my company with on-campus interviews, and stayed in the area on Friday to attend Saturday's Homecoming festivities. It was hardly a "vacation," but it was a nice weekend.

I noticed something that I had previously written off as just an observation of a newcomer to a full-time job. It has to do with how other people look when you get back from vacation. There's a similar phenomenon for people who get back from vacation and you've been at work the whole time. When you get back to work, even from a short vacation, people (at least to me) look tired. Maybe it was just accentuated because today is Monday, but my co-workers just seemed to look tired today.

This might also be because it's getting towards the end of the year. Fall is in the air, and people have kids that get up early for school. Things aren't quite as nice as they were in the summer. But still, I noticed the same thing over the summer.

As for people who get back from vacation while I've been working, they just seem depressed. But that's not always the case. You get back and you feel great, but then you realize you're back at work. This seems to have more to do with people who enjoy their jobs and those who don't. Those who do enjoy their work seem to look relaxed. Those who don't look depressed.

Again, it's just an observation made by a relative newcomer to the workforce.

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