Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10-1-08: MLB Playoff Predictions

I want to get this one out before any final scores are posted this post-season.

Here are my predictions for the Major League Baseball Playoffs:

For the National League:

Divisional Series:

Cubs vs. Dodgers - Dodgers in 5 (shocker!)

Brewers vs. Phillies - Phillies in 4

Championship Series:

Dodgers vs. Phillies - Phillies in 6

For the American League:

Divisional Series:

Red Sox vs. Angels - Red Sox in 5 (tough call; going with my team)

Rays vs. White Sox - Rays in 4

Championship Series:

Red Sox vs. Rays - Red Sox in 6

World Series:

Red Sox vs. Phillies - Red Sox in 5

Should be interesting though with all of the injuries on the Red Sox. I will have faith in their pitching overall, though, and will hope Youkilis and Pedroia can keep up the hitting to make up for Lowell and Drew.

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