Friday, July 31, 2009

7-31-09: A Pleasant First Bike Ride (of the summer)

A few minutes ago I arrived home from my first morning bike ride since adolescence. I've been meaning to get back into biking for a while now, and, this month, finally decided to get my lazy ass in gear, fix my old bike, and get on the road.

This morning was the final step, and it was wonderful. Now, I won't say I will rival any Tour de France (or the Giro d'Italia for that matter) any time in the near future. I decided beforehand to take it easy, and keep the terrain as flat as possible. I don't know exactly how far I went this morning, but I think the total miles was well within the single digits. I was on my bike for under an hour, and stopped a few times to take in the sights.

The best part of the ride was definitely the Derby-Shelton Greenway, which was towards the end. It's a pleasant little path, just about 1.8 miles in total one way, that runs from Shelton to Derby. This morning I saw probably a dozen or so people walking the path, but only myself on a bike. The path is 99% flat, which was very nice, and it runs right along the river, which was a welcome companion in the morning hours. I did a little loop at the end, and headed back.

It was a very pleasant first ride. I am very much looking forward to the next time out. Time to shower up and head in to work.

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