Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Nice Hike at West Rock

Since the weather this weekend was absolutely outstanding, the lady and I went on a nice hike in West Rock Ridge State Park.

We started the walk at her place, which is only a couple miles from the park entrance. On the way over, we stopped for brunch at Lena's Cafe & Confections on Whalley Ave. Delicious, delicious pancakes and bacon. I will stop in there again, hopefully in the near future. I need quite a while to digest my full stack, but it was worth every bite.

Once we arrived at the park, we took the Red Trail around Lake Wintergreen, then met up with the White Trail. On the way around, I got a chance to practice my limited rock-skipping skills. I got about seven or eight skips a couple times. After walking around the lake, we hiked up to the top, where she found out just how afraid of heights I really am as she sat down on the ledge and looked over. I kept my distance, not coming within 10 feet of the edge. I'm not into concurring that fear any time soon. But the view was good where I was anyway. We couldn't quite see New Haven, though, and Konolds Pond is rather covered in algae.

On the way down we passed by the T-Mobile radio tower, and got to see the entrance to the Heroes' Tunnel (more popularly referred to as West Rock Tunnel). It wasn't a technically challenging hike by any means, but was quite fun. We ended up exiting the park at the trail directly behind Common Ground High School. Interesting place.

The walk back was pleasant. We stopped at a park with a playground and threw the frisbee around for a little bit, then headed back.

Fantastic weather, and a very fun time. We wrapped up the day at a friend's place with a small dinner party.

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