Monday, February 2, 2009

2-2-09: Logan's Run

My most recent Netflix rental was a classic sci-fi movie from 1976 called Logan's Run, starring Michael York as Logan 5.

It's not the best acting in the world, but the film itself was entertaining enough to pass for a pseudo cult classic, I suppose. The story is pretty wild, and I can't help but think that The Island was a blatant rip-off with marginally better acting.

The story takes place in the 23rd century after a series of wars has basically forced people to live in a giant domed city. There's a lot of sex and drugs and every one is under 30. The film starts out showing this bizarre, sacrificial ceremony called "Carousel" in which people who are turning 31 pretty much get electrocuted to death while floating around in the air. It's supposed to be some "renewal" or reincarnation ritual, and most of the people buy it.

The character Logan 5, played by York, is what is known as a "Sand man," and his job is to kill "runners," or people who are supposed to die in Carousel but choose to, you know, live. Logan eventually becomes a runner and tries to escape, bringing along his friend Jessica.

The film has a lot of promise, and is done decently, but even for 1976, it was just goofy. The acting wasn't that great, and the story, even for a 2 hour film, felt rushed. It's still worth seeing, but only for those in the mood for some classic 70's sci-fi.

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