Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2-10-09: Flat Tire Sort of Day

One of the side benefits to going to the gym in the morning is that it apparently gives you enough time in your morning to recover from a flat tire without being late for work. That happened to me this morning. I simply replaced a trip to the gym with fixing a flat tire (thanks to AAA, that is).

While getting the tire replaced (well, two tires, actually), I had some time to kill, so I went on a walk. I ended up only walking a couple miles, but it was actually pretty refreshing. Fortunately, it wasn't bitterly cold out today. Quite nice.

One of the things I thought of on my walk was of some goofy statistic I once heard about 70-something percent of car accidents occur within 10 miles of your home. I realized how insanely misleading this statistic is, since you probably do 70-something percent of your driving near your house anyway. Think about that. I did, but I had the time to. I hope you're not that busy.

Anyway, it's an early morning tomorrow. Time for bed.

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