Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Harlan Chamberlain Returns Home

I don't often post twice in a day (or daily for that matter), but I just read some great news that Harlan Chamberlain, Joba Chamberlain's father, has returned home from the hospital. Joba, a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees, missed a few games to attend to his ill father. The elder Chamberlain had suffered from a serious respiratory problem and had been hospitalized near their home in Nebraska.

I'm far from a Yankees fan, but I love hearing stories like this. Not people getting ill, but athletes being good human beings and good children and visiting their family. Joba was deeply disturbed by this, as he should be. I'm really glad to hear his father is recovering at home. I'm happy for the Chamberlain family.

I'm also not saying athletes are bad people in general. They all have families that they love, and 99% of them are generally good people. It's just nice to see some more personal stories sometimes that make you feel good about somebody who had suffered. I might never meet Joba Chamberlain or his father, but I'm pulling for the kid (unless he's out on the mound against the Red Sox when the game is on the line).

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