Thursday, November 8, 2007

11-8-07: Local Politics

I'm a big fan of local politics. Not that it's necessarily something I dedicate a lot of my time to, though. I just think it's nice to see people you know run for office. One of my CCD teachers from middle school ran for First Selectman (well, First Selectwoman) of my home town. She's a very nice woman. Unfortunately for her, she lost to a Republican. I didn't vote for either candidate, though.

I like local politics because they are the only politics that I can really see in operation. Sure, you COULD watch C-SPAN or visit your state's legislature, but who has the time? All I need to do is read my local paper (which has undergone a fantastic transition within the past few months) about once a week and keep up with what's going on in town. It's nice. There aren't many complex bills and acts. It's relatively straightforward.

This weekend I get to experience something truly special: national politics brought to the local level. I'm lucky to date a fine woman from the great Granite State, and her parents (who for some reason actually seem to like me) invited me up to see Govern Mike Huckabee on Saturday. I lived in New Hampshire for 10 years, and miss the campaign extravaganza. It's just a neat time. It's like the Olympics: it comes every four years, and you don't recognize half the people, but you know they've got to be good at SOMETHING to have gotten this far. It's a real treat. I'm looking forward to it.

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