Sunday, November 4, 2007

11-4-07: Big Win for Patriots

What a game. All those yards of penalties, and the Patriots still pull out a win in Indianapolis. Huge win. It certainly didn't look good for them in the first half, but that's why they play two halves. Think about that...

Anyway, good win. 9-0. Good week for a bye week? Maybe not, but they could use the rest. Hopefully they can rack up 3 more wins to wrap up the division.

With all the winning that Boston area teams are doing right now (Red Sox are World Champions; Patriots are #1 in the NFL; BC is #2 in the BCS; Celtics are winning in their early games; Bruins are doing well), there's one team that people always forget about. Of course, I'm referring to the New England Revolution, who are back in the playoffs after finishing 2nd last year in the MLS (I think it was last year, at least). So, for all those few fans who knew that, Let's Go Revs!

Nice day today. Took our dog Cysco for a walk up at my high school. He liked it, but he's an older dog, so it's a little more tiring. He slept for hours when we got home. My backseat is now covered in dog fur, but he enjoyed it, so it's fine. It's been a little tough for all of us since Ebert died, but he seems to be doing fine.

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