Sunday, May 16, 2010

5-16-10: The Bruins' Season

Going into Game 7 on Friday, I had little hope for the Bruins. They'd been up 3-0, sure. But, unlike other 3-0 series leads, it didn't seem, at least going in, that the Bruins should have had such a commanding lead on the series. After all, the Flyers had a nearly identical regular season record (they finished only one spot behind the Bruins in 7th place), and were just coming off a great series against the rival Devils. Going in, I figured it would be a good series.

And it was, for the most part. The Bruins had three good games in a row to take the 3-0 lead, then lost in overtime in Philadelphia on a goal from the returning start Simon Gagne. You'll give the Flyers that, with Game 5 in Boston.

Game 5 was the first indication to me that the Bruins were in trouble. They'd lost Krejci, and their offense had struggled all year. It looked like they'd run out of steam. They invested a lot, and the injuries really caught up to them. Sturm got hurt on the first shift of the series. Savard had just returned from a long stint away from the ice with a concussion. Mark Stuart also just returned from injury. It just didn't look like the Bruins had it. The Flyers, who had some bad moments themselves, looked more confident.

Then, as if to toy with us, the Bruins had a fantastic first period in Game 7, jumping to a 3-0 lead. It looked promising, but, as was the case with the first three games that gave the Bruins a 3-0 series lead, they ran out of energy, and gave up their 3-0 lead in the game. It was disappointing to see them lose at home.

Nevertheless, it didn't feel all that bad when you look at the team's situation. They made it to the second round, a feat many fans didn't see them accomplishing. I hope they will take this in stride, and there were a few players who really showed some heart. They certainly have some work to do on offense, though.

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