Monday, January 4, 2010

1-4-10: The 2010 AIG Toilet Bowl

For the last couple of years, a friend and me, in celebration of the 33 bowl games played across college football, pick the two worst teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) to play in the appropriately named Toilet Bowl. This year’s competition is sponsored by AIG. These aren’t necessarily the worst teams in all of college football; just the teams within the FBS.

We go about picking the two teams by first ranking them on our own. For argument’s sake we just do the top five (or bottom five in reality, with #1 being our pick for the worst team). We then come together and weigh our votes to come up with the definitive top two.

The teams which we ranked were as follows (in alphabetical order):

Eastern Michigan

Miami (OH)

New Mexico

New Mexico State

San Jose State

Washington State

Western Kentucky

Despite having only three teams in common, it was a unanimous decision for the top two: Western Kentucky (#1) and Eastern Michigan (#2). We also both had Washington State at #3.

Congratulations! Best (or worst?) of luck, teams.

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