Saturday, January 24, 2009

1-24-09: The 100-0 Game

When I first heard about the 100-0 girls high school basketball game, I was puzzled. Then when I read the article printed in the local paper (the game took place in Texas), I became puzzled and angry at the winning coach.

The game took place between The Covenant School and Dallas Academy. The latter was the loser of the game, failing to score a single point and giving up 100. From what I understand, the team had virtually no chance of keeping it close. The eight girls on the team represent nearly half of the school's entire female population, and only a few had played basketball at all before making the team. The Covenant School, on the other hand, had a very good team. So, neither team was misguided going into the game.

I was a girls high school ice hockey coach last year with my dad, and I know what it's like to be in the shoes of the Covenant School's coaches. That's why I'm so upset by their reaction. Micah Grimes, the Covenant head coach, simply remarked "It just happened." Ms. Grimes, that is outrageous. You don't "just happen" to score 100 points against an opponent with absolutely no chance of winning. From what the article said, most of the points were scored via layup, which means they probably could've passed the ball around a bit beforehand. There is absolutely no reason to score 100 points. It's not only extremely low class, it doesn't help your team at all. You don't work on the basics if you're just stealing the ball and laying it up. It's insulting, and it's a waste of time. There's a team in our league for girls ice hockey who was very poor, but we passed the puck around and worked on the basics, without running up the score. An outrageous score is completely avoidable.

Micah Grimes: you have no control of your team and you have no class. And, from what it looks like in the article, you have no clue. Good luck.

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