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12-27-09: How to Get to Avis at LaGuardia

I'm flying back to Connecticut tomorrow, and remembered how harrowing my trip to LaGuardia was on the way down. I've always disliked the drive into the city, and LaGuardia, though not as bad a drive as to JFK, is a real pain in the ass.

I'd also never rented a car on my own before, which was an experience unto itself. My company has a deal with Avis that allowed me to not only receive a discounted rate, but also enabled me to pick the car up at the main office. So, back on the 21st, I asked the lady to drop me off (she works there, my office is actually across town), and I was on my way. Getting the car was relatively painless and quite easy.

But finding out how to get to Avis at LaGuardia was a real chore. I tried mightily to find out where it was online, to no avail. So, I'll put in this post the specific directions, which I hope enable at least one soul to make the trip a little easier:

How to Get to the Avis Location at LaGuardia Airport:

These directions are assuming you are coming from the north (where I came from) and take the Whitestone Bridge (if you take the Triborough I cannot help you, sorry).

After you get off the Whitestone, follow the signs to LaGuardia. Make sure you slow down if you haven't been there before, because the merges can be confusing. In general, if you see a line of traffic, follow it, because chances are they're trying to get to the airport. Follow the taxis!

Once you get near LaGuardia, you'll see a blue sign for Rental Car Returns telling you to get off at 94th Street. Not too long after you'll be told to turn right at 94th Street for Avis (and also Hertz, if I remember correctly). Get in the right lane before the light, and make the right onto 94th Street. This next part is where I screwed up: stay to the left, and make the hairpin turn to the left (you'll probably see a bunch of cabs pulling up to pick up or drop off). There will be another blue sign for Rental Car Returns telling you to make this hairpin turn to the left. Follow that sign. I was an idiot and stayed to the right and had to make the whole long loop again through traffic.

Once you come around the hairpin turn to the left, you'll see a sign telling you to bear right to get to Avis and Hertz. Follow that, and you'll end up on an access road. Stay on that for a couple minutes, and you'll eventually come to a traffic light (you'll see Avis up ahead). Go straight, then make the left at the gas station (or buy gas!) into the Avis lot, and you're there!

Here's a satellite view for you:

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I hope this helps at least one person, because I certainly could have used it.

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