Sunday, November 15, 2009

11-15-09: The TV Hunt is... Over!

The hunt for a TV is over. I found what I was looking for today.

The final verdict: the LG L42LH40.

It's 42", 1080p, with a 120Hz refresh rate (which was important to me because I watch a lot of sports). I got it a special UTC-employees sale at Bernie's in Orange for $735. All the other spots I looked had similar (I feel inferior) models for $800 or more. I actually stopped by Bernie's twice today, book-ending trips to Sears and WalMart, who had OK deals but not great. I didn't even see the model I bought at Bernie's the first time I went, so I'm glad I went back.

I do realize Black Friday is coming up, and asked around if the deals would be better. The basic summary was: not quite. So, I acted now. I also realize that internet deals are also quite good, but I did my research, and the shipping is the difference. Most sites charged $100+, which cancels out any great savings. The TV I got at Bernie's, with the $50 extended warranty (12 months; I had to think about it for a bit since I know warranties can be big-time rip-offs) came out to $831.35 with tax. No shipping required (which also means I won't have to take a day off of work to wait for it to be delivered). Quite a deal. I'm satisfied.

I won't actually have the TV (my own choice) until December 2nd. I won't really get too much use out of it 'til then anyway, and I'd rather not have a brand new TV sitting in my apartment for a week while I'm visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.

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