Sunday, August 2, 2009

8-2-09: Tubing down the Farmington

The lady and I went up to Satan's Kingdom in New Hartford today to do some tubing down the Farmington River. I'd done it once before, over 10 years ago. I recommend it to any one.

What a great time. For $20 a person, you get a nice relaxing, with only a couple exceptions during some rapids, trip down the Farmington. Even though the weather wasn't fantastic, it was still very pleasant. We saw almost no one on the river the entire time.

It took about an hour and a half for us to make it down the 2.5 mile stretch of river. We hit a few sets of rapids, and the second set was quite good. The water level was pretty high, and was flowing pretty well. I nearly ate it at least once, but managed to stay in the tube the whole time. The lady went first most of the time. She also had a great time. Good stuff.

Afterwards, we ate lunch at a spot in Winsted that was surprisingly very, very good. It's a little place on Main Street, right near the Route 8 on-ramp, called Broadway Restaurant. If you're in the area, and want a quick, decent bite, give it a try. It's a good local spot. I had the bacon cheeseburger and fries. Delicious.

Now it's time to do some random things around the apartment. It's nice to have a little break in the action from schoolwork. You don't notice until the breaks just how much free time the stuff takes up. I do have The Dirty Dozen in from Netflix; looking forward to watching it.

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